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Thematic sheets


Sheet 1: The origin of Sargassum Algae

What is Sargassum seaweed? Since when does it exist? In 2018, around 20 million tonnes of Sargassum were spotted between the African and American continents. We are now speaking of a vegetal continent visible from space.

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Sheet 5: The collection of Sargassum on land

How to clean the beaches invaded by Sargassum? Who takes care of it? There are different solutions but they all have advantages and disadvantages. Whether it is with green brigades or larger machines, in certain cases the collection of algae is essential, but at what cost?

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Sheet 11: Impacts on the environment

At sea or on land, does Sargassum really pollute? How to manage Sargassum while limiting the impact on the environment? The issues raised by the “Sargassum problem” are important, especially in the Caribbean arc where the biodiversity is exceptional.

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Sheet 12: Health impacts

When does Sargassum become a health hazard? Does it affect humans and animals in the same way? Scientific research is evolving and suggests potential solutions for the use of Sargassum in medicine. 

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